Third Monday of the month

Friday the thirteenth

Friday the thirteenth is a day of superstition and mystery. Whenever it occurs, it feels special to me, as if anything strange and magical could happen. This particular Friday brought an eerie short story to my mind – The stories we used to tell. It was written by Shirley Jackson

Room for rent

As I am spending this weekend out in the countryside in a tiny house upon a lake, rented just for a few days, I decided to read Room for rent by Richie Narvaez. Simply because of the fitting name of this speculative short story. And I am glad I did!

Book of Memory

In the Book of Memory we are met by an albino woman named Memory who is awaiting her sentence on death row in Chikurubi prison in Zimbabwe for the murder of her stepfather Lloyd. In her novel, Gappah tackles questions around perception and identity through Memory’s recollections of her life.

Lumino City

On the jaw-droppingly gorgeous video game best described as a point-and-click adventure unlike any other you’ve ever played. What differs Lumino City from other games is that the decor is handcrafted. It feels as if you can touch it from behind the screen, feel the textures and edges of the cardboard.