Third Monday of the month


Swallow draws us into the psychological horror of a newlywed housewifes domestic life. Hunter, a softspoken woman, finds herself spending her days alone in a big beautiful house overlooking an endless forest. Everything is provided for her by her husband Richie and his wealthy family. But her place is dependent on her obedience.

Stories; All-New Tales

There is a lot of wonderful fiction well worth the read in this collection entitled All-New Tales. Three reads, in particular, stood out to me, two of those by authors that I never read before. I am happy to have encountered them through this collection put together by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio.

The Testaments

After thirty-five years author Margaret Atwood answered the pleas of fans and stilled the curiosity once and for all. It was a thrill to read the first few words of a novel that has been awaited for as long as I have lived.

Friday the thirteenth

Friday the thirteenth is a day of superstition and mystery. Whenever it occurs, it feels special to me, as if anything strange and magical could happen. This particular Friday brought an eerie short story to my mind – The stories we used to tell. It was written by Shirley Jackson

Five Books

This year as the summer slowly changed into fall I started thinking about books that have had an impact on me. I hope you enjoy these five book tips!

Room for rent

As I am spending this weekend out in the countryside in a tiny house upon a lake, rented just for a few days, I decided to read Room for rent by Richie Narvaez. Simply because of the fitting name of this speculative short story. And I am glad I did!

A Dog Called Money

Musician PJ Harvey is the subject of photojournalist Seamus Murphys unorthodox music documentary, A Dog Called Money. The film follows Harvey on a poetic journey that becomes the creation of the album The Hope Six Demolition Project.