Quarantinis and things; be a joy to your neighbours edition

It is my belief that anything is better with a theme to go with it. A fun theme spices up the dull and invites us to explore and think creatively. This edition of ‘Quarantinis and things’ will be devoted to music and community. As Plato so greatly put it; “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything”.

Jam on the Ukulele.

Quarantine Ukelele has become a trend online with many virtual ukulele strum alongs aswell as stories of how playing the ukulele has become a way of making life bearable in trying times.

I play on FaceTime with a group of friends about once a week and it has been terribly fun for me and my neighbors. We have thin walls.

The Ukulele is a wonderful instrument for beginners. With only a few chords, you can play a great variety of songs. An abundance of tutorials is available for you on youtube. The Ukulele itself comes in a wide price range, and there are alternatives if you are on a budget. The Ukulele is also an excellent activity to do with your kids and will help with keeping that screen time down.

Tips for good songs to start with; Riptide – Vance Joy, 8 – Billie Eilish and Hakuna Matata – Lion king. 

Dress for success! There are many great t-shirts on Etsy to match your new-found passion.

Elise Ecklund has been a great teacher during this time!

Social distance dance party!

Invite your friends and family to a themed zoom dance-off. Create an open Spotify list so that all of your guests can add their top tracks in advance. Zoom has this great feature where you, as a host, can share music from whatever app or website you want. Another tip is to choose a theme where you all dress up to make it more festive. Find a theme where it is easy to improvise an outfit from things that you have at home. 

My theme: The eighties.
My top pick: Whitney Houston – I wanna dance with somebody from 1987.

Blast that music and groove like there is no tomorrow!

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