Stories; All-New Tales

Stories; All-New Tales

Stories; All-New Tales

“It is the curse of age, that all things are reflections of other things.” — Neil Gaiman (Stories: All-New Tales)

When writing on this platform, I usually only write about things I love, things that inspire or bring me value in some way. For today’s post, I have to say that even though there is a lot of wonderful fiction well worth the read in this collection entitled Stories; All-New Tales, I also find that the quality in the selection of stories is uneven. From inventive, thrilling fiction to some stories that just don’t measure up at all. In this collection, three reads that stood out to me; The Cult of the Noses by Al Sarrantonio, A Life in Fictions by Kat Howard and The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains by Neil Gaiman.

The Cult of the Noses by Al Sarrantonio

” I had apparently stumbled onto something that had gone nearly undetected by the general populace, something that had stayed just outside the general consciousness since the beginning of recorded history. Here was a sect so arcane, nefarious and secret…that no more than widely scattered references to it remained, or had ever existed.”

In The Cult of The Noses a researcher believes to have found evidence of a cult that has been at the centre of conspiracies and historical events dating back to at least 1349 A.D. The signature of the cult is that they all wear fake noses. Our hero travels around the world for clues to reveal the big mystery and end the cult’s activities once and for all. But are things really as they seem?

A Life in Fictions by Kat Howard

” The more I lived in his writing, the less I lived in the real world, and the less I remembered what it was like to live in the real world, as a real person, as me.”

What is so captivating about this short story is the multitude of ways that the story can be interpreted. A woman is written into stories by her boyfriend to the extent that she loses her own identity along the way. But is she a figment of the author’s imagination trapped inside his creations, or is she a real person whose life is dominated and ultimately destroyed by her boyfriend’s writings? An example of the vampiric relationship between the “creative male genius” and his muse?

The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains by Neil Gaiman.

” You ask me if I can forgive myself? I can forgive myself for many things. For where I left him. For what I did.”

On this adventurous voyage, we follow an unnamed man on his journey to a cave that is filled with gold. To find the cave, he hires a guide who has been there once before. The two men set off through the windy and vividly described landscape of the Scottish countryside. This is a story of vengeance that is darker than any greed. Thrilling, captivating and wonderfully written, this is a short story that will not disappoint!

The Truth is a Cave in the black Mountains is also available as an illustrated hardback and as an audio version read by Neil Gaiman himself. No matter what format you choose to read it in, you will not be sorry you did so.