A happier 2022 and onwards.

A happier 2022 and onwards.

A happier 2022 and onwards.

“Time is life itself, and life resides in the human heart.” ― Michael Ende, Momo

I was listening to the Happier podcast the other day. I have been in need of a boost of something to fuel me forward. So I asked the question, and google led me to Gretchen Rubins podcast. I am currently in a time and space where I have to take some life-changing action. It feels like a big one to tackle this life-changing need of mine. I have been hoping this feeling would go away if I ignored it, but instead it has gone from a need to a must. Perhaps it should be phrased as life-saving rather than changing.

On the podcast, they talked about their 21 for 21 lists the hosts had made of things they wanted to do during the course of one year. Their lists were long and not too extensive. At the same time, they seemed doable. It sounds simple enough to make a list, but I wonder if it is possible to stick to it for a year? It seems to me like a resolution made around New Year’s is as valid as a Trumpian promise. Then again, the concept of making life a happiness project, as Gretchen Ruben has done, strikes a chord in me. I have done many things for other purposes hoping that happiness will follow, but maybe Gretchen is right; perhaps life should be a happiness project where the other things follow.  

Therefore I have decided to give it a go, but rather than make my 22 for 22 list, I have narrowed mine down by focusing on three big goals and seven smaller ones. I have written down this list on the first page of my calendar and signed it, so now it is official.



Three big ones.

  • Write a short story.
  • Get a part-time income from doing something that is solely my own.
  • Make a noticeable step towards buying a house.

Seven small ones.

  • -Sell or donate ten things I do not need.
  • Use my savings account. 
  • Go on two short trips to get away for a bit. 
  • Experience one new place.
  • Doodle and write more often, even if time seems not to be on my side. 
  • Study a language.
  • Make contact with at least five people who are doing something that I think is interesting.

I wish you all a happy 2022! See you on the other side. Happy New Year’s. 


Header photo: I chose the picture above because it is taken in one of those calm moments, just me and my camera; that is what happiness is to me. I take many photos with my camera when I go places alone. It is a tool that helps me have what can only be described as an out of body experience. I rarely take photos to save them. I take them because I am in the moment when I do, and that is something I personally have a tough time being.