The Arrangements

The Arrangements

The Arrangements 

Once, in the early years, before she fully understood him, she had asked what his favorite flowers were. I use the best florists in the city, they’re terrific,” he replied, and she realized that taste, for him, was something to be determined by somebody else, and then flaunted.” Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, The arrangements.

Commissioned by the New York Times, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie offers a fictional account into the inner life of Melania Trump during the early stages of the presidential campaign. 

Starting of with the sentence ”Melania decided she would order the flowers herself”, making Melania a somewhat strange modern version of Clarissa Dalloway. Although Clarissa decided she would buy the flowers herself in the classic novel, a significant and deliberate distinction. The short story continues in the same fashion as Mrs Dalloway, using a day to describe a lifetime. 

I find this story interesting because it fictionalises a man that is a work of fiction in real life. By which I mean there is no truth to the man presented to us, the public. Unlike most satire and mockery of this man, that so successfully makes a mockery of himself all on his own, this story has depth and centres around the mystery of a woman that Melania is. 

This may not have been my favourite read ever, but it is the one thing on the tiresome topic of the trumps that I have enjoyed. It is well written and intelligent.

The arrangements is available as an audiobook on Scribd